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TidBITS publisher Adam Engst explains…

TCN covers Apple

Our content focuses on the Mac and iOS, not random tech topics.

TCN is professional

Created and edited by TidBITS Publishing, a leading Apple publisher.

TCN is practical

Every post provides readers with solutions to real-world problems.

TCN is illustrated

Composed screenshots and royalty-free photos enhance instructions.

TCN is affordable

Get $2000 worth of content for only $125 per month.


Q: Will the content I get each month be unique to me?

A: No, that’s the point of syndicated content. It’s like the Doonesbury comic strip; numerous newspapers carry it, and it’s the same in all of them, but readers don’t care because they only see it in one place. It’s very unlikely that your clients and customers will read TCN tips or articles elsewhere because most TCN subscribers are geographically separated.

Q: How do I get the TCN content each month?

A: We’ll send you a copy via email, but for appropriately sized images, you should either copy the text and graphics from our site or use an aggregation plugin like CyberSEO Pro for WordPress with your custom RSS feed. We’re happy to help discuss the best way to get that set up. If you need help posting articles regularly, contact us and we may be able to take that task off your hands.

Q: When will my TCN content become available?

A: The current month’s content is waiting for you now! We publish new content on the first business day of every month.

Q: Can I modify the tips and articles?

A: Certainly! We even recommend doing so to give them a personal touch and to help your SEO. If you change a piece in any way, though, you must use your byline. Or, if you leave the text alone, you can publish the article as a celebrity guest post with the author’s byline.

Q: What can I do with TCN’s tips and articles?

A: Pretty much anything you like, as long as you don’t resell them or publish them in another publication. So you can post our articles on your blog, use the tips in an email newsletter to your clients, link to posts in your Facebook and Twitter feeds, or include a tip in a postcard mailing. You could even print tips on the back of your business cards!

Q: Why do I get four tips and four articles each month?

A: As professional publishers, we believe that a weekly schedule is best for maintaining a relationship with readers who are also customers. Our goal is to provide you with sufficient content for multiple channels. So you could post an article to your blog every Monday and a tip every Wednesday, promoting each in social media the day after. And you could send out an email newsletter via MailChimp every other week with two tips and excerpts that link back to the past two weeks’ of articles. It’s all up to you, and we’re happy to make suggestions or offer feedback!

Q: How much does TCN cost, and how does billing work?

A: TCN is an ongoing monthly subscription, so after your first three free months, your credit card will be charged $125 per month. You can cancel at any time, and you’re entitled to use whatever content you receive while you were a TCN member.

Q: I have another question!

A: Ask us anything via email and we’ll get back to you quickly.

Q: I almost forgot—can I see some sample tips and articles?

A: Of course! Just scroll down for links to two tips and two articles. And, of course, when you subscribe, your first three months are free, so you can check out the current four tips and four articles. We’re also happy to provide samples of the current month’s content; just ask!

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